2 by Das Kondensat

2021 WhyPlayJazz (WPJ057), CD + MP3 Album Download

Das Kondensat »2«

Track listing

  1. 3031 A.D. Variable  1:42
  2. Pendulum  5:36
  3. Impromptu #5  5:57
  4. I Was Born in Cleveland, Ohio (Part 1)  4:38
  5. P (n+1)  5:57
  6. Bass Revenge  4:45
  7. Certain Patterns in The Field   5:03
  8. Lazer ’73  4:48
  9. 3031 A.D. Stasis  4:47
  10. I Was Born in Cleveland, Ohio (Part 2)  3:48
  11. Étoile Schnuppe  6:19


Gebhard Ullmann (soprano and tenor saxophones, looper, sampler), Oliver Potratz (electric basses, analog effects, bass synthesizer), Eric Schaefer (drums, modular synthesizer)

Production credits

Recorded June 16-19, 2020, mixed and mastered October 30/31, 2020 by Guy Sternberg at Low Swing Tonstudio, Berlin. Produced by Das Kondensat for WhyPlayJazz. Cover photo by Oliver Potratz. Band photo by Dovile Sermokas. Design and artwork by Michael Schultz. Oliver Potratz plays Markbass amps. Recorded with the kind support of the Senatskanzlei für Kulturelle Angelegenheiten Berlin.

Chapter two of an amazing story. The music seethes with dense, sharply focused energy. Lush bass lines, intense drums, explosive saxophone play – three German masters of improvised music fuse acoustic instruments with digitally generated sounds. All of this is done live without overdubs. equally integrated into their live concept. Together it creates an unprecedented mix of man and machine.

So now the logical follow-up, Kondensat 2, simply because such a concept calls for more. Again, there is this jumpy, leg-pounding groove, which makes it hard to stand still at a concert. Once again there is a blending of the elements and a cornucopia of ideas. Once again there is an organic coexistence of artificially generated and acoustically produced sounds as the core of the music. Organizers worldwide book this band; word has gotten around as to how infectious their music is ‘live’ (…). To expand the playing field in their music, electronics are used as the music’s head and legs. The beatific progressive rock of the seventies is recalibrated, with trace elements of contemporary classical music, dubs, and an actual spliced-in interview of and sax homage to the iconic avant-garde saxophonist Albert Ayler. This is not art as bloodless brainchild. Here the blinders have been cast off. Modular synthesizers, effects devices, pedals and loops are integrated into the interaction within the trio’s glowingly intense improvisational discourses. These three musicians are masters of their instruments as well as digital wizards. Everything on this CD has been recorded live without overdubs. With its rich palate of ideas and conceptual elements, this second musical stroke displays an even more colorful canvas. Das Kondensat’s electronic extensions and detailed sophistication illuminates (…) the way to the exploration of new territories. (…) The listener will discover innovative, inspired, entertaining music.

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