Willkommen Zuhause by Zur Schönen Aussicht

2016 WhyPlayJazz (RS031), CD + MP3 Album Download

Zur Schönen Aussicht »Willkommen Zuhause«

Track listing

  1. Schwingen ohne Club  3:09
  2. Kritische Masse  8:40
  3. Pseudohalluzination 12  4:09
  4. Schweben  6:32
  5. Essenz  7:41
  6. Wer mit wem?  2:20
  7. Exit All Areas  7:25
  8. Phlegma und Enge  5:52
  9. Mutationoitatum  4:56
  10. Herbstlichst  13:06


Paul Berberich (sax), Joachim Wespel (git), Florian Lauer (dr)

Production credits

Recorded December 19, 2015 from 11:32 am to 12:56 pm by Andreas Lammel at Kukulida e.V. Dresden, Germany. Mixed and mastered by Andreas Lammel. Band photo by Dovile Sermokas. Design and artwork by Travassos.

Nice views from the Dresden School, with Baby Sommer boldly looking over their shoulder. Jazz how it can be today, far away and beyond the nice and mushy appearances and at the same time showing a lyric gesture.

Three young musicians from the “Dresden School” literally sit down in the living room, find their very own insights and turn them into ten nice views. There are only first takes on this live album. Or better: “Only-takes”. This is where music only exists for the moment it is recorded, where it is not “improved” afterwards. The result: A highly concentrated, suspense-packed and at the same time relaxed music making situation. Its energy communicates itself and takes the artistic balancing act of the three between fully composed themes and improvisational interpretations to the next level – full of passion, fantasy and of course with the skills necessary to make music on such a high level.
The three make their own what has been found by others. They are on their way to new insights and views, thereby finding their very own and new tonal language.


Overall the trio plays very unique music, floating between composed and improvised planes, often swiftly changing tempi and using dramatic climaxes. The album offers a fascinating musical journey, which is absorbing from start to finish with no weak points or senseless wandering. The level of musicianship is excellent and heart worming considering the young age of the musicians.

...the playing is telepathic and the many pieces mesh delightfully. The website mentions that this was a recording of first takes - good energy coming from high stakes! There is a lot to hear, here!