Large Ensemble by Mads la Cour’s Almugi

2015 WhyPlayJazz (RS021), MP3 Album Download

Mads la Cour’s Almugi »Large Ensemble«

Track listing

  1. Intro  2:08
  2. Sir Dance a Lot  8:47
  3. Allmogen  4:28
  4. Baba Ganoush  3:02
  5. Spam  8:57


Mads la Cour (cor, tr, flh, ahrn, moog), Peter Fuglsang (bcl, cl), Steen Hansen (tb), Peter Hellesø (ts) ,Kaspar Vadsholt (b), Erik Svendsen Laustsen (dr), Hal Parfitt Murray (vl), Andreas Tophøj (vl, va)

Production credits

Recorded April 2014 in Copenhagen at The Village by Thomas Vang and March 2015 in Odense at Holy Sea Studios by Peter Hellesø. Mixed & mastered by Peter Hellesø at Holy Sea Studios. Supported by KODA, DJBFA and the Danish Arts Foundation.


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